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From the 20th Century Russian Ballet expanded exponentially with the help of advocates such as Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes. The ballet Russes produced many works Petroukcha is a Russian ballet which is first performed in 1911 choreographed by Michael Fokine. Fokine saw to it that many “key” principles of the classical ballet style abandoned to portray a tormented puppet named Petrouchka. The story takes place at a Russian spring fair in Admirality Square, St Petersburg. The story unfolds when The Showman encumbrances human emotions upon his puppets and a love triangle is established between the main characters, The Moor, The Ballerina and Petrouchka. This essay will be interpreting and evaluating Act II, Petroukcha’s room to understand how the Aural Components, Visual Components and Movements are used to convey meaning.
In Act II, the audience receives deeper insight in to Petrouchka’s human emotions. From the outset of the act, it is clear that the Puppet is mistreated, multiple examples are
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In Act II alone, Petrouchka is interpreted to be melancholy and fragile. This impression is instilled within the first two minutes of the act and then reinforced by the end of the 4-minute act. Multiple technical elements such as his pathetic movements and miserable facial expressions make the role of the puppet more entertaining and realistic. In contrast the lighting and music set the tones of the Act which is complemented by the unique clown-like costume worn by Petrouchka. After evaluation, it is clear that Petrouchka provides an entertaining experience and can be as easily comprehensible by all audience. Ultimately, the innovation of traditional ballet by the Ballet Russes exemplifies significance in dance history and thus continues to inspire future generations of

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