Essay : ' Betrayal '

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He tasted it on the dusty winds as they howled through the canyon; it clawed over the skin of his bared arms, pushing him backwards into the safety of his vehicle. Dust devils lick at his brown wingtips and friable clods of dirt pull at the hem of navy blue pants, grabbing at his ankles, with the strength of ten men, yet he will not be deterred.
Mustn 't jump to conclusions and can’t hold fast to silly notions, he thought.
Once inside the building, torrents of disbelief rush over him, his stomach rising to the level of his throat and plummeting down again with each step. He caught sight of himself as he passed by a window overlooking the mostly vacant parking lot, he stopped cold in his tracks.
Disheveled clothes reflect a distracted mind, he thought. Won’t do to present myself before him looking like this.
Smoothing out the wrinkles in his shirt, readjusting the askew tie and whisking away the dust from the fine hairs on his arms, took but a few moments; enough time to marshal his composure. At last, shaky fingers rake through thick brown hair, dislodging errant taraxacum florets as they went.
Much better.
I’m probably blowing this thing out of proportion anyway … it’s possible they haven’t even heard the rumors yet; that’s what he kept telling himself as he eased down the eerily quiet corridors.
But the nonexistent click-clack of typewriter keys when he walked past the secretarial pool and the absence of phones ringing off their hooks when he peered…

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