Essay About The Deeper Meaning Of The Lorax

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Truffula Trees
(Essay about the deeper meaning of The Lorax) The story, The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss that is about a person who cuts down trees, and a creature who confronts him. The main characters here are; the Onceler, who is an entrepreneur looking for opportunity, and the Lorax, who is the speaker for the trees. In the beginning of the story, there is a boy who asks for the story of the Lorax. The Onceler tells about what happens. First, the Onceler notices a forest of truffula trees. He realizes that he can become rich by making these trees into “Thneeds” which is a clothing item that can turn into whatever you would like it to be. Then the Lorax goes up to the Onceler and confronts him for sacrificing the trees to make “Thneeds”. After, the Onceler asks for his family to join him to become rich—ignoring the Lorax completely. Again, the Lorax confronts him. And again, the Onceler ignores him. After the place becomes deforested, the Lorax and the Onceler’s family leave. At the end, the Onceler is left alone in shame. When the Onceler is done with the story, the Onceler asks for the boy to plant the last Truffula seed so that he can redeem himself from the harm that he has done. Not only is this book a great read, it’s one of Dr. Seuss’ top five best sellers (Bird). With dynamic imagery, symbolism, and concern for the natural world, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, is more than just a care-free story.
In The Lorax, the setting and pictures of the story plays a big role to show the…

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