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Athens vs. Sparta Athens and Sparta were both city-states inside Greece. Although, they were very close to each other in location they were very different in many other ways. In this essay we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between the two city-states from their beginnings to their politics, culture, social gatherings, geography, and finally what brought each city-state to and end.
When the city-state of Athens was started the citizens put large emphasis on the arts that included science, history, philosophy, architecture, and literature becoming a state of intellectuals. Sparta on the other had started their city-state to become a military state where young boys started their training at the age of seven. They were made
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Athenians would attend symposiums where all would gorge themselves. Often eating delicate food and getting drunk. Spartans on the other hand, would attend common messes where they had to go through a judgment process just to get in. Once in the Spartans ate in moderation where food and drinks were rationed out.
Athens and Sparta was equally divided by both good and bad geography. While Athens had plenty of rain and lived by the sea that allowed for good trade routes they had to deal with pour soil that was rocky and hard to farm. However, the soil was perfect conditions for growing grapes. Sparta on the other hand, had the best soil in all of Greece. However, they did not have a good system of trade. This was partially in part because they were surrounded by mountains. However, those same mountains gave them great protection from
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However, after Athens won a large naval battle with the Persians and pushed them back. After the battle the Athenians felt they were superior to all of their allies and started to try to control them. Sparta took offence to the Athenians treatment to their allies and went to war with Athens in what we call the Peloponnesian War. After the war the Athenians suffered from famine and loss of wealth and this ended the Athenians great power. After Sparta had defeated Athens they only allowed children of Spartans to become citizen decreasing their population over time. Finally, when Sparta’s numbers had lessened to around a thousand citizens they were attacked by Thebes in the Battle of Leucra and the defeat brought an end to the rule of the Spartan

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