Essay 1

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Laura Webster
English 101
Literacy Narrative

Real Life vs. Fantasy..... Looking back, I remember when I was in fourth or fifth grade and my teacher told us we were reading a book and doing a book report on it. I was always up for anything, but when she started reading the book each day I found myself not even listening to what she was saying. I would be thinking about all of the other things I’d rather be doing. Then, we were to write a book report on it. “What?” “...a book report?” No way was I going to write a paper on something that couldn’t keep my attention. I believe at that time I had probably read the first and last chapter and vaguely put together bits and pieces I heard the teacher read throughout the
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She left him in a room with nothing more than a light. No bedding, change of clothes or daily essentials and that’s where he lived most of the time. Occasionally she’d give him table scraps left over from dinner and slip them under the door. Dave loved to go to school so he could eat like a normal child and to escape from the abusive house he was forced to live in. I found it to be very impressive that a person can get strength from something so tragic and to have their voice heard. Instead of feeling bad for himself and not doing anything about it, Dave decided to share his story by writing books. I feel that is a way to heal himself and to help cope with his rough childhood. I really enjoyed the book even though it was sad. I’ve started many books that I’ve been unable to finish, one of them being the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I made it through the first book, but found it difficult to stay focused because I couldn’t see any of this happening to any of us. One of the events that took place in the story was they’d have a “lottery” to see which people were chosen to fight in the Hunger Games until everyone had been killed off and there was one winner. This is one of the things I was having a hard time relating to real life. I couldn’t imagine anything like this happening in the near future. I enjoyed how descriptive the writer was about all of the characters in the book. I

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