Essay on Espionage Opens A Pathway For People

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Raj Mudhar 543545
Ms. McLean
May 25, 2016
Knowledge Equals Power
Espionage opens a pathway for people who seek power and in general, those in power stay in power once they know what everyone is doing. According to history, this proves to be true because a party in power has to urge to maintain that power through the practice of spying. Major political players during Ancient Rome and the French Revolution such as Julius Caesar and Maximilien Robespierre used espionage to keep themselves informed of the various plots against them, including dissent (Zurcher). As empires rose, so did the preservation of their ruling regimes, increasing the probability of rebellion against them, and giving rise to mass surveillance techniques to identify those under suspicion of threatening government policies. Modern governments justify the use of spying a reason through political fiction/non-fiction, or political affairs that refer to achieving and exercising positions of governance – organized control over a human community, particularly a state, as seen in George Orwell’s 1984 and Heidi Boghosian’s Spying on Democracy (“Political Fiction”). 1984 and Spying on Democracy provide the idea of eliminating dissent through espionage or mass surveillance, and demonstrate that within political fiction/non-fiction, a government must spy on its citizens in order to maintains its power.
Law enforcement agencies must use espionage to locate and harass certain individuals that pose as threats to…

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