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Ernestine Wiedenbach Ernestine Wiedenbach was a pioneer in nursing theory and nursing philosophy. She was an author, nurse-midwife, and teacher. Clinically she specialized in nurse midwifery and it was at Yale teaching that her nursing theories were developed. Wiedenbach was recognized for her work in writing the first maternity nursing text book that focused on family-centered care. (Barger, Faucher, & Murphy, 2015). Her theories were influenced by Ida Orlando, Patricia James and William Dickoff who were all colleagues at Yale. Wiedenbach was passionate about nursing and she longed for further knowledge. Wiedenbach asked questions like what do nurses do and why they do it? (Wylie, 2010) It was from questions like this her …show more content…
1058). Wiedenbach’s (1970) prescriptive theory can be summarized by three main points:
1. The nurse’s central purpose in nursing. It constitutes the nurse’s professional commitment.
2. The prescription indicates the broad general action that the nurse deems appropriate to fulfillment of her central purpose.
3. The realities are aspects of the immediate situation which influence the results the nurse achieves through what she does. (p. 1058)
Wiedenbach recognized three assumptions in nursing philosophy. The reverence for the gift of life, respect for dignity, worth, autonomy and individuality of a human being, and resolution to act dynamically on personally and professionally held beliefs. (pg. 1058). According to Parker and Smith (2010), “nursing theory used by particular nurses must reflect elements of practice that are essential to those nurses, while at the same time bring focus and freshness to practice.” (p 25) I chose Wiedenbach’s theory because of the many values I shared with her theory and also how easily her theory could be applied to my bedside ICU practice. Wiedenbach’s goal-driven focus is relevant to ICU bedside nursing today. Her philosophy that each nurse is individually responsible for doing some soul-searching in order to define a personal purpose appealed to me. I think that personal accountability is essential to the nursing profession.

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