Essay on Ernest Hemingway 's The Doctor And Doctor 's Wife

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Karl Marx is a renowned leader and philosopher known for preaching his beliefs regarding socialism and differences between the social classes, and his viewpoints on society eventually grew into the principles which make up the Marxist lense. The Marxist lense can be used to analyze works of literature by timeless authors such as Ernest Hemingway. Marx was a believer that the primary cause of historical change was social class warfare. He also felt that the state or government has always used its power to oppress and exploit the laboring masses for the benefit of the upper elite, though it is questionable whether or not the general population noticed this occurring. Specifically, Marx labeled the powerful, revered upper class the bourgeoisie. The larger group of people below the bourgeoisie, more commonly known as the working class, are referred to as the proletariats. When read through a Marxist lense, one can find that Ernest Hemingway’s “The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife” uses symbolism as well as the concerns of the Marxist philosophy to suggest that the bourgeoisie—though usually more powerful and wealthy—has a more warped set of human morals than the proletariats due to the fact that the upper class citizens have more to lose. By linking different characters to the various levels of societal hierarchy, Hemingway was able to put together a meaningful, yet contentious metaphor. The main antagonist in the story is a doctor named Henry. From the first encounter between…

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