Essay Erik Erikson 's Stages Of Development

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Human life is set and determined by many factors which contribute to how we behave. Every person has a personality. The ideas of our own unique personalities is demonstrated by Erik Erikson’s Stages of development. These eight stages run from childhood to adult hood. In each of these stages there are positive and negative aspects that can contribute to our physical, emotional, intelligence, and social morals that make us who we are (Wade, Tarvis, Garry, 2014, p.489).
Each of these stages according to Erikson are present at birth, and with each step building to the next stage of development. Each stage has a psychosocial crisis, which is based on physiological development. Each stage can develop and help us move on to the next one when it has been resolved by the ego. In the study The Relationship between Identity, Intimacy, and Midlife Well-Being, it states that “ Each of the eight psychosocial issues posited by Erikson contributes to the development of a basic ego strength, where an ego strength represents positive personality attributes associated with favorably resolving the tasks associated with a given psychosocial issue”( Sneed, Whitbourne, Schwartz, & Huang, 2011) This to me is a stage is not permanent but life experiences can sometimes have someone revert back to other stages. Everyone has a combination of these stages. Today I find myself to be a combination of stage five, identity vs role confusion and stage 7 generativity vs stagnation (Wade, Tarvis, Gerry,…

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