Sustainability Of The Environment Essay

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Explaining the ways to control and sustain our environment can be expressed through many different environmental world views. These views include planetary management, stewardship and environmental wisdom worldviews. Each one of these views addresses how we interact with nature and the effects our actions have on the resources it supply’s us. Sustainability is important in making sure we as a species do not go extinct as well as maintain the other species that inhabit the earth with us. Earth is the holds the only sustainable environment that we can live on as far as we know. Ove the years our population as a species has grown rapidly and faster than it ever has. One of the problems this has caused is problems in certain areas and the amount of population that it can sustain which we call carrying capacity. Carrying capacity is important because it looks at the amount of support and area can give before major deterioration starts to occur where the environment becomes destroyed. Each of the worldviews looks at things like carrying capacity and explains weather it feels this is a problem or not.
Many people tend to believe in a planetary management worldview. This worldview says that the success to sustaining our environment is by managing the
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Though this can be similar to the planetary worldview in that it puts self before nature but it takes it also believes that we should not take the resources that nature provides us for granted. The stewardship worldview believes that success on stainability is biased on our ability to manage earth for our benefit as well as natures. This view starts to look at how we as humans are interacting with our environment and how we need to start to treat our environment better before we start to exploit resources to the point of their

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