Essay about Environmental Science

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Environmental Fundamentals
Laura Jackson
April 8, 2013

Environmental Fundamentals
Environmental science is defined as the study of the environment and the interconnecting systems it contains, furthermore, the way people interact with their natural surroundings and use natural resources (wise geek, 2013). Scientist in this field is highly interdisciplinary and extremely diverse, for example, a scientist might study volcanoes or climate change. This essay will cover the following; the definition of environmental science, the relationship between science and technology and how it affects environmental problems; the concept of environmental sustainability and why it should be studied; how human
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Environmental Hazards and Human Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mission is to investigate the relation between human health and the environment with the goal to increase knowledge, develop, implement, and evaluate policies and programs to prevent and control disease. The CDC’s Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects or (EHHE) focuses on Air Pollution and Respiratory Health, Chemical and Radiologic Terrorism, Environmental Public Health Tracking, Health Studies, and Radiation Studies. Asthma is a disease that affects your lungs. It causes repeated episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and nighttime or early morning coughing. Taking medicines and avoiding triggers that can cause the attack can control asthma. Under air pollution and respiratory health, asthma remains an important cause of illness and death in the United States. The EHHE works with state grantees to reduce the number of deaths, hospitalizations, emergency department visits, school days or workdays missed; and limitations due to activity due to asthma. The program consists of three components: tracking: collecting data on a ongoing basis to understand when, where, and in whom the asthma occurs; second; interventions: ensuring that scientism information is translated into public health practices and programs to reduce the burden to asthma; and finally, partnerships:

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