Essay on Environmental Science

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The topic I have chosen to write about for my final project is water resources. Water resources are very important because without water this world as we know it wouldn’t be in existence. We all need water for daily survival and we need to do whatever we can to help keep our water resources clean and from drying out. I will discuss in details issues we are currently facing and how nonliving and living factors contribute to this issue, positive and negative human effects. My paper will also include a sustainability and mitigation plan and provide benefits and challenges regarding water resources. My paper will also help individuals to understand the importance of water resources and without putting too much effort into it they
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When trees are cut down, we break this part of the water cycle. Some dry periods are normal and can happen anywhere in the world. Droughts are a longer term event and can have serious consequences for a region. Because it is difficult to predict when droughts will happen, it is difficult for countries to predict how serious water shortages will be each year.
Nonliving and living factors that contribute to energy conversation

Human beings are the main contributors to the problems caused and are affected by water resources.
 Increasing population means an increase in demand for water supply
 Humans naturally waste a lot of water
There is a very high demand for water especially because of our growing population because the more our population expands the need for more water increases. Each and every one of us can do our part to help reduce the use of water and we can start by monitoring the water within our household. We can cut down on water when washing dishes by hand or machine, brushing our teeth, taking showers, watering our lawns, washing our hands and make sure we fix all leaky faucets if any. As per an article on wikibooks water shortages hurt human health, agriculture and the environment. What happens when water supplies run out? In undeveloped regions in the world, people are often forced to move to a place where there is water. This can result in serious conflicts, even wars, between groups of

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