Environmental Scanning Process

Environmental scanning involves a scan for the information concerning the events and relationships regarding a company’s external environment as well as the knowledge and information crucial to providing the future course of action of a company. This involves learning the events and trends in the environment thereby establish a relationship between them. Environmental scanning is helps in the organizational design and development, producing board’s agenda as well as management education. The process is also important in boosting a company’s ability to deal with the rapidly changing business environment in addition to providing intellectual stimulation to strategists for the process of decision-making.
The process of environmental scanning involves
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Shawn should keep a tab on the trends that are imminent in the environment and then ascertain the relevance of such environmental trends. Generally, the management should also incorporate a way of studying the effects of the environmental trends on the market for both products and human resources. A forecast on the direction of the trends in the future would also be important as well as the analysis of the momentum of the products and business amid the environmental trends. Moreover, the management should devise an ingenious way of analyzing the new opportunities that would likely be provided by the trends. This would entail relating the outcome of the trends to AGC’s corporate …show more content…
Moreover, it should be relevant to strategic planning by focusing on the strategic issues and as such take a holistic approach. The management should ensure that the environmental scanning process starts with a collection of the relevant data, such as AGC’s mission, vision, and functional plans and thus taking into consideration the environmental scanning process. Therefore, the design of the environmental scanning process should entail the need to the possible influences in the organization.
Additionally the process should lay out its purpose of plotting the issues or threats that would likely have an effect on an organization and as such lay out plans of coping with these threats. The process should be proactive to the environment. The human resource managers would need to understand the notion behind the strategic and tactical issue development. The process should also ensure that managers focus their attention on the external environment of the organization and thus allow for the creation of an organization that can adapt to the changing global

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