Environmental Regulation And Its Effects On The Environment Essay examples

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Imagine the world without foul smells of garbage lying on the floor and foggy skies from public transportation. Humans are known to have the most advanced brains but do they really show that when they are polluting the environment and causing drastic changes to the ecosystem. “Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson wrote in the Wall Street Journal. ‘Pollutants like mercury, smog and soot are neurotoxins and killers that cause developmental problems and asthma in kids and heart attacks in adults.’”(Chesser). By humans polluting the world they are not only hurting the ecosystem but what lives on it including themselves. Environmental regulation is necessary because it can curb pollution, global warming, save plant and animals and reduce damage to the human population.
Not having environmental regulation has lead to the world becoming more and more polluted year after year. Land, water, air, etc. are was is being polluted by everyday garbage. “Pollution is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty and unsafe or unsuitable to use” (Bradford). Land and soil are the ground to which garbage reaches first and even sometimes the soil is contaminated by an overflow of garbage that is buried. Chemical are often buried or hidden from the public eye and although it is “hidden” chemical in the soil can still do much harm to the environment. Many times factories or building are abandoned and just labeled as a hazard zone because…

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