Environmental Pollution And Its Effect On Human Health Essay

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Environmental pollution

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause detrimental alterations to the planet. Pollutants are the key elements or components of pollution which are generally waste materials of different forms. Pollutants can take the form of chemical substances or even energy such as noise, heat or light. Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. With modernization and development in our lives pollution has reached its peak; giving rise to global warming and human illness. Environmental pollution affects human health along with the health of any species, plant or animal that lives within the polluted area. Many agencies (such as the United State’s Environmental Protection Agency) have been enacted to try and prevent the various forms of pollution. The forms of pollution they have targeted include but are not limited to, air, water, land, noise, and thermal pollution. All of these forms of pollution are extremely harmful to the environment, and steps should be taken to ensure the dissolution of pollution.

Air Pollution is the most prominent and dangerous form of pollution. It occurs due to many natural and unnatural reasons. Our actions release a huge amount of chemical substances in the air everyday. Necessities in our daily lives such as cooking, driving, generating electricity and other industrial activities all require excessive burning of fossil fuels. The effects of air pollution are…

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