Environmental Issues Of The Chinese Government Essay

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The people of China have become extremely concerned with all the environmental issues that have been going on in the last past 10 years. To correct the problems the Chinese government has taken multiple steps to make the best of the situation. The Chinese state is filled with environmental problems which make them enforce environmental policies, mainly in rural areas. In most cases, people don’t understand nor realize the environmental effects of any polluting activities. For example, when people burn rice stalks in fields with certain chemicals like fertilizers, this will lead to the skies to fill with dark haze (Alford).
Air is valuable essence of every living thing on earth, especially the human race. Clean air is key to sustain the equilibrium of life on this planet. Having deficient air quality can lead to multiple consequences such as emissions from various substances, both natural and human caused. Air is a combination of several gases that invisible and odorless. Air quality can be affected by air pollution and air pollutants. China’s air quality is very poor and air pollutants effect their environment every day while killing over 3,000 people. China’s capital Beijing is the worse off out of all the cities. Inhaling pollutants in this city can increase the chances of you having health problems; the damage Beijing’s are can do as much damage as 40 cigarettes a day. More than 80 percent of China is people who are exposed to air pollution, which exceeds the World…

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