Environmental Issues In Erin Brockovich, By Erin Brockovich

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Erin Brockovich is an interesting, based on a true story movie focusing on important environmental issues involving water pollution and the sicknesses it is causing to a local community. Erin is a single mother trying to raise her three children on a very low amount of money in her bank. In the midst of the seriousness, Erin meets her neighbor , George, played by Aaron Eckhart, who becomes her love interest in the movie. After some pleading, Erin Brockovich lands a job at her attorney’s law firm and finds several files that pertain to medical files that were being overlooked. After pleading and convincing Ed Masry, her attorney and boss, to let her investigate further she discovers that these files are being attempted to be covered up in real …show more content…
She goes outside to discover new neighbors revving up their motor cycles. This is when she meets George. He expresses his interest in her by asking her for her number. She responds with her usual smart comment and sternly informs that she is a single mother of three who has been divorced twice and proceeds to give him her number before saying that he will not call. Later in the movie, Erin comes home to find George taking care of her kids because the babysitter fell through. This point of the movie gives the insight that a relationship will be developed between Erin and George after he spends the rest of that afternoon hanging out with Erin and her kids. Erin and George discover that they both convey the same type of humor and get along well which sparks the interest between them (Soderbergh & DeVito, Shamberg, Sher, …show more content…
She, then, comes across medical records and blood samples. She voices her concerns and questions why there are medical records and blood samples in real estate files. Reviewing the files, she notices that the medical records and blood work show several abnormalities. She goes to the county water board and finds several documents talking about a family by the name of the Jenson’s who have had several health issues since PG & E introduced chromium into their water source. She, then, talks with the Jenson’s about their medical concerns. She traces all their troubles to a toxic amount of hexavalent chromium found in their water produced by big-time twenty-eight-million-dollar cooperation Pacific Gas and Electric Company. PG & E find out about the investigation lead by Ed and Erin and make an offer to the Jenson’s for their home for the amount of $250,000 to make all of the talk go away. Other families come to Erin and tells them of their animals getting sick and other health issues that Erin also links to the hexavalent chromium found in their water source, as well. The health issues that she links to the hexavalent chromium ranges from rashes and tumors to reproductive issues and cancer. While Ed is more worried about getting the right amount for the victim’s homes’, Erin is determined to stop PG & E from poisoning more people and putting their cooperation to rest. Ed eventually agrees to

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