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Safety Handbook
Safety is the state of serenity being devoid of harm or any form of event that may be considered non-desirable. In any type of institution, be it, a business, school, industry, laboratory or even the common workplace, safety plays a major role in ensuring activities run smoothly and no-one gets hurt while doing their job. Safety encompasses protection from a wide host of potential hazards which could be physical, financial, emotional or biological. In the common workplace health is a major concern and infection control is the main aim of a safety handbook. Biosafety in the work setup starts by assuming every individual is a potential source of infection.
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Basic Exposure Mechanism for Biological Agents
Biological agents are transmitted through four main ways, i.e.: A. Airborne/Aerosol – Airborne infectious agents released from infected persons through coughing or sneezing are inhaled by adjacent employees B. Contact with bodily fluids – Biological agents in body fluids e.g. urine, saliva, blood, sweat may be transmitted to another’s body via mucous membranes of mouth or through abrasions or cuts. C. Through contaminated articles or food – Infectious biological agents in faeces or sputum may be spread to food or other articles which are utilized by others spreading the disease D. Close contact e.g. skin-to-skin, -Spread of certain infectious biological agents may be via close contact e.g. touch or sharing of personal articles like clothes

Evaluation and Control of Pathogens
As stated in the above principles, the assumption that everyone is a potential source of infection is a crucial technique in ensuring biosafety in the workplace. Set out procedures should ideally be adhered to at all times to prevent infection and the appropriate safety resources e.g. first aid kits, gloves, goggles should be available if need be. Control of pathogens entails: A. Good Personal Hygiene: Every employee should maintain high standards of personal hygiene. This encompasses;1.Handwashing regularly with water and soap

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