Entrepreneurship Importance

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Entrepreneurship is important to society because everyday there are items that we see or use in some way were created and developed by an entrepreneur. When an entrepreneur starts up a business, there are many rules and regulations needed to move forward. There are special methods businesses do to bring a product to market which include publicity, campaigns and deal with competitors. An entrepreneur meets the profit eye they want to innovate as much as they can. Starting up a business takes just a few people the main idea comes from straight innovative imaginative mind which is the founder. The founder a company somehow was in the state of zero, zero meaning nothing, nothing meaning what is already
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Gives the privilege of bringing it to the market in exchange for compensation also known as the royalties. Royalties are based on a negotiated percentage and paid out per unit sold on the wholesale price, typically four times a year. Royalty rates generally fall between 3 and 10 percent. Most importantly, when you choose to license an idea, you fall right into the unlimited finances large companies already have as well. So not only licensing a product, entrepreneurs have to deal with numerous laws and regulations when it comes to bringing this new product to market. First is the intellectual property law, when an entrepreneur has in idea, logo or a great invention he or she has to protect it with a trademark or mark to claim their product. Patenting a product is basically the same as a license for the product as well. Why license a product for royalties when you can manufacture it on your own and take all the profit? Product development takes a lot of time, not to mention resources. There’s also manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing to consider. Starting any kind of business is an enormous undertaking, let alone a product-based one. Its takes a good amount of money to start it even if cost one cent to

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