Entrapment Strategies

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The U.S. national government has a long history of employing questionable tactics in order to increase their budget and give the American population some peace of mind. The FBI’s use of entrapment strategies targeting mentally ill members of the Muslim community in order to justify counterterrorism spending is an egregious violation of human rights. The blatant disregard for the human life is obvious in their use of human beings as tools to get more funding.
Entrapment is a legal term that not too many people are familiar with, it is the illegal act of luring an individual into committing a crime that they would not have committed otherwise and then prosecuting them for it. The FBI has been employing these strategies in order to create terrorist plans that will in turn secure funding for their counterterrorism sector. These illegal strategies can often be confused with their legal cousins, sting operations. The difference in between these two tactics is the Government’s involvement in the operation; if the idea for the terrorist plot came from the FBI, the suspect was persuaded into committing the act, and if the suspect would not have otherwise committed the act then the tactic would be considered entrapment. The main difference is the person’s prior intentions likely to result in
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Sting operations actually do good for society, they catch homegrown terrorists and perpetrators that would eventually do something very detrimental to the population as a whole. Entrapment differs because it does not help the overall population; it takes advantage of sick and weak minded individuals and creates terrorists that otherwise would normally have been benevolent people. This problem is made into an even bigger issue by the fact that these cases make it seem like the government sees these mentally weak people as tools and items instead of what they really are, which are human

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