Essay on Entrapment, By Susan Glaspell

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Entrapment In the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell, the theme of entrapment is expressed in various ways through gender stereotypes. The character in the play Mrs. Wright experiences entrapment from her dominating husband John, which eventually leads her to murder him for her freedom. Some ways these issues are expressed are in the dialogue, setting and metaphorically. In the play, Mr. Wright wants control over his wife and an example of this is the setting of where they lived. In the beginning of the play, the place they lived is described as a now abandoned farmhouse. A farmhouse is generally on a good amount of acreage so it can be assumed Mr. Wright specifically wanted to live somewhere away from town and civilization to keep Mrs. Wright in seclusion. There is no evidence as to why he wanted to control her so much, but it must have been very lonely for someone like her to be away from everyone else. His way of controlling her was by isolation. When Mrs. Hale was starting to feel guilty about not visiting her, she said that she would have come to see her but the place wasn 't cheerful and also because her house was, “down in a hollow and you don 't see the road” (). What can be deduced from this is that Mrs. Wright certainly never had any company seeing as she lived in a hollow. Since the road couldn 't be seen people most likely just drove by without even knowing the house was there. Mr. Wright most likely wanted to not be seen. This is just another example of the male…

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