Enlightment of Education in Pygmalion and Educating Rita Essay examples

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|Войти |Literary analysis of the play "Pygmalion" by G.B. Shaw - Иностранный язык -реферат |
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It is not for nothing. Today |
| |it is well known that knowing this language may bring only favour and not harm. |
| |English language developed in the course of time in its birthplace – England and later |
| |in such countries as the USA, Australia, New Zealand. The development of a language is |
| |determined by the development of literature. All the positive (and negative) features |
| |of a language can find their reflection in literature. Thus language is influencing the|
| |literature. In this point we can say that literature and language are intertwined and |
| |the learning of one demands the learning of the other one. |
| |English literature has passed great and complicated way of development. It gave to the |
| |treasure of world literature such great names as Shakespeare, Chaucer, Byron, Shaw, |
| |Hemingway, Twain and so many

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