Enhancing Communication Through Technology : A Workplace Issue

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Enhancing Communication through Technology: A Workplace Issue
Communication has at the present time has become one of the most essential resources in any given organization. This is because organizations cannot be considered just as “holders” of personalities with shared aims, but have to be viewed as changing social environments where actual individuals face numerous situations and problems as noted by Cuel and Ferrario (2006).
Equally we cannot think of communication without bringing technology into perspective. Today’s technology provides educators’ an environment in which to make learning more engaging. Traditional learning formats, in which the learner is required to sit within a classroom and be lectured to by a Professor, are becoming “old school” (Christensen, 2015). Learners’ of today require educational opportunities, which are meaningful, interactive, and allow them to incorporate technology of their choosing (Christensen, 2015). Several platforms exist for providing learners the information they need, utilizing a constructivist approach. It is the purpose of this paper to demonstrate how the constructivist approach can be combined with technology, to solve a workplace issue. The workplace issue that will be examined is communication as it relates to employee orientation and retention. A table describing five definitive questions as they relate to constructivism and technology is incorporated into this paper to summarize how the issue of communication in the…

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