English As A Foreign Language Essay

1922 Words Nov 13th, 2016 8 Pages
English is taught as a foreign language in Libya, where the mother tongue is Arabic. In other words English is not an official language in Libya and it is not used as a medium of instruction in Education. It is thought that studying in the mother tongue is easier than in another language and it not used in delivering lectures. The current education system consists of three main stages: basic, intermediate, and higher education.. In the field of second or foreign language learning there are various factors, social and/or psychological, that affect language learning. University students who have been learning English as a foreign language have different levels of motivation towards that language. At the universities of Libya where the medium of instruction is English students attend classes either with a high or low motivation, which means students have different perceptions of their class, teacher and curriculum and such perceptions are responsible for their attitudes. As students’ motivation and attitudes play an important role in learning a language, further investigation should be carried out and special emphasis should be placed on this topic. In every field of our life motivation is needed to help us to reach our goals, especially in the field of education. Motivation should be the desire of all teachers as it facilitates class management and results in better learn. Students with a low motivation are difficult to teach. Therefore, diverse ways of motivating students…

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