Essay about English And Etymology Of Words

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The History of English and Etymology of Words Used in Famous Literary Works English, commonly referred to as the language of opportunity, is widely regarded to be a system of communication characterized by potential for unity. A language to ease the conversation of trade, to draft scripts of Hollywood movies, to write recipes in, and more or less, a language that belongs to the people. However, before English officially became accessible to anyone who wished to employ it, English “belong[ed] to the Anglo-Frisian group within the Western branch of the Germanic languages” ("English Language."). The Anglo-Frisian possession over the language, is merely a subsidiary interval included in a long and eventful timeline. English historians tend to “over-manicure” this timeline by placing the contents into three neat categories based on chronological order. These include the Old-English, Middle-English, and Modern-English periods, but often neglected is the Pre-English period, which was just as vital in incubating the language (Kemmer). For starters, the Pre-English period can be dated back to 55 B.C.E with the beginning of Roman incursions on the British Isles. Following the Roman establishment in that territory, Germanic tribes kickoff an extensive migration, beginning in Scandinavia and heading south with “successive waves” into Central Europe. At the start of the fifth-century, the Roman Empire collapses and the Britain-occupying-Romans return to their home to build up their…

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