Essay on Engineering : The Branch Of Science And Technology

2029 Words May 4th, 2016 9 Pages
Engineering can be defined as the “branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures”(Oxford Dictionaries). Engineering includes numerous components, branches, and fields which all require engineers of each branch to possess and develop extensive knowledge in their chosen field or branch of engineering. In engineering, no matter what field, opportunities continuously arise for accepting new jobs and/or projects.These various projects and jobs potentially can influence society and its efficiency. However, cases may arise whereas the branch an engineer specializes in comes into conflict with their given project or job as well as what provides the best solution for society.. When this conflict occurs, this question may arise: Is it more ethical to accept a project or job that can potentially impact and improve society versus a higher qualified and better suited for the job coworker? Or basically, is it ethical to accept a job knowing someone who can do it better? This conflict, much like other ethical dilemmas, contains two viewpoints and potential paths, On one hand, if you receive an offer for a project out of your area of expertise, the best decision might be to pass the project to a high qualified and competent coworker due to the importance of the given project. Working on jobs and projects out of your area of expertise decrease efficiency of work done as well as increasing time required for…

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