Energy Crisis Essay

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Global Energy Crisis: Then and Now

Introduction The world today faces an energy crisis. The world is dependent on certain natural resources like oil and natural gas that are quickly depleting. These resources are being imported from countries that have the ability to set higher prices due to demand (Nef 1977). Because of this, the world faces a great recession, and like Britain in the second half of the 16th century, we need to find alternative sources of energy. Britain found itself in an energy crisis and was on the brink of a recession however they were able to exploit a new means of energy and revitalize their country and situation. The purpose of this paper is to show similarities between
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Many people also thought of mining as the raping of the earth (Nef 1977). New advancements were made in the mining industry and as people learned about and saw the benefits of coal, a new dignity was given to mining. With this new energy source came new opportunities. New inventions were discovered and new ways of processing metals had been discovered. This new fuel source revitalized a nation and spurred technological development. New environmental ways of dealing with the black coal were developed. According to “An Early Energy Crisis and its Consequences” (Nef 1977), coal had been so successfully incorporated into British technology and economy that during the last four decades of the 17th century wood prices stopped rising. Today’s Global energy has seen the same similar effects. Most countries use oil and oil products as a large fuel source. The invention of machines, cars, engines, lubricants all use this resource; the world relies on oil. Similar to Britain and their issue with running out of trees to harvest, the United States and other countries is now globally are hitting their oil peak (Planet for Life, 2008). According to “Global Oil Crisis” (Planet for Life, 2008), the problem is oil production. Very little oil has been found within the past 30 years and the prospect of finding much more is dim and it is not for lack of looking (Planet for Life, 2008). Obviously, oil must be found before it can be produced and some

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