Essay about Energy Crisis : A Sociological Perspective

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Energy Crisis Sociological Analysis The energy crisis is obviously a huge issue and should be addressed as such. However, this complex crisis is one that can be broken down and exemplifies many key elements in sociology. Throughout the documentary, a good portion of the theories from the great sociological theorists are also displayed. To the average person the documentary would just be information about how people should save energy and be more aware of what is happening in the environment. Looking through a sociological eye changes that. Through that lense we are able to see a clear image of what is actually going on and how sociological theories are being applied.
A major connection that can be made is through culture shock. The documentary displays this because many people in the world of different cultures live very different lives from first world countries in an energy usage standpoint. Different cultures have different ways and techniques of survival than other cultures. The film stated that Americans consume more energy in their car alone compared to that of a person in a third world country who uses that same amount of energy just to cover their basic needs to survive and exist. There is obviously an exponential gap between the cultures of first world countries compared to third world countries. It is difficult to imagine how large that energy usage gap is. Another form of culture shock showed is how as an overall society, we would have a very difficult time…

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