End Of Semester Paper: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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End of Semester Paper As I read my previous paper on goals for the semester in terms of development as a therapist, I would like to highlight two main goals: learning how to work better with teenagers and younger children. Working with teenagers is unique. It is a distinct population when compared to adult/elder and younger children. Teenagers explore the world and try new things. As they desire independence, some may be discouraged because they grew up in a dysfunctional family with lack of parental support or any type of abuse. Teenagers may feel inadequate to achieve anything, so they may not even attempt to put efforts into schoolwork. Also, the chronic depression may be exacerbated followed by best friend’s betrayal, breakups, or deaths …show more content…
It was a success, and we were able to discuss about more heavy topics such as recent deaths of her two uncles who were like her fathers. After having this experience, I learned to report the child abuse after informing my clients in advance to maintain the therapeutic relationship. I also learned that sometimes being like a big sister is helpful when working with teenagers, especially in the beginning of the therapy process, to gain trust and help them feel connected. Since my teenaged client presented chronic depression and cutting behavior, my approach was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which was evolved to humanistic and back to CBT. When I was using humanistic approach, I empathized her feelings (e.g., loss of her close family members, frustration from friends from school) and reflected her feelings back to her to show that I was listening. I also showed an unconditional positive regard and saw her as a person who deserves an encouragement, care, and …show more content…
Even if I conduct play therapy, it is my style that I would give some directions and ask questions during play. Another weakness is my ability to conceptualize the case. I think that I would need more sessions to be able to conceptualize the case. It is my hope that, as I continue building my experience as a therapist in the future, I would be able to formulate the case conceptualization well in a reasonable time

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