Employment Policies Of The Workplace Essay

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Workplaces that have adopted EEO and are committed to practices that encourage diversity are seen as employers of choice; doing the right thing with the right people for the right reasons often translates to higher productivity and better customer relations. Doing the right thing can also boost employee morale (intangible), which in turn can decrease turnover. An organization that lacks an EEO policy risks the effects of employee dissatisfaction, therefor turnover can occur because of voluntary resignations from employees who are disillusioned with unfair employment policies. When employee morale is up and turnover is low, companies may see measurable positive differences in productivity and profitability. But if you do believe that you have been discriminated against at work you can file a Charge of Discrimination so just make sure you are aware of your companies EEO laws and regulations because they may vary according to state and organization. All federal agencies like EEO are funded through congressional annual appropriations; the funding for each agency is included in one of the thirteen bills that Congress considers each year.
These policies apply to anyone who is employed with an employer, which it is the requirement of the employer to make sure the employee is knowledgeable about the company policies and work conduct within the company. The employer should also have a human resource department that is explained and made available to the newly hired employee during…

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