Empire Of The Summer Moon Essay

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Empire of the Summer Moon is about the 40-year battle that ensued between the Comanche Indians and the first American settlers that tried to inhabit the West. The author of this book is S. C. Gwynne. He has been writing for a better part of 15 years or more and has been the writing for The Dallas Morning News, he also has served as bureau chief, a national correspondent, and senior editor for Time Magazine. He has won many awards for his books and articles over the years. He now lives a relaxed life writing for Texas Monthly, with his wife, Katie, and daughter, Maisie in Austin, Texas. This book was appealing because the history of Native Americans has always been an interesting subject. Their way of life and culture is so different from the way most Americans believe, its simply beautiful. Something about their heritage and how they respect their ancestors that came before them has always caught my attention. I’ve always held great respect for Indians and what they went through to be here until the end.
The book Empire of the Summer Moon is a book that tells two stories that are not that well known in American history, unless one specifically studies or enjoys that particular subject in American history. First is about the rise and fall of the Great Comanche Nation, then it tells the story of one Cynthia Ann Parker, a white woman who was captured as a nine year old girl during a raid by the Comanches. Because she was so young be lost her native tongue and began to speak…

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