Emotional Blink Essay

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Emotional Attentional Blink and Emotion Induced Blindness
When talking to a layman about an emotion induced blindness (EIB), one would try to explain it as not being able to see an item because of a distraction caused due to emotional effects. For example – when a driver might not be able to see a scooter coming from the front because of an accident that had happened in front of him as well. So this accident is the negative distractor to the target scooter which must be attended in order to drive safely. The researches is this area makes a clearer understanding about the emotion induced and surprise induced blindness’s.
When emotional visual scenes disrupt the perception of other stimuli that appear after it, this effect is called emotion
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These emotional stimuli can rapidly capture attention. EAB also occurs with the verbal stimuli, where the participants had to detect words printed in a specific color and the emotionally arousing words and distractor words had produced an attentional blink (AB) when the color target occurred soon after a distractor word relating to neutral words. In other words, emotion induced blindness and emotional attentional blindness are two different terms for similar concepts and where the EAB also gives in another stimulus that is a verbal stimuli and emotion induced blindness (EIB) associates with the spatiotemporal competition. There could prospect mechanisms other than improving early perception or spatial attention given forth by the emotion induced blindness and that is where it comes back to the mechanism of the attentional blink which is served as a model for emotion induced blindness (EIB) as the failure of the conscious perception. The AB greatly reflects disruption of mechanisms that are relatively central late – stage perception or it may be that the AB is presumably driven by the

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