Emily Dickinson's Death

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In the very first line of the poem, Emily Dickinson writes as the speaker that she dies; therefore, it is possible that the reader can begin reading stanza four and proceed in reverse order. Emily Dickinson uses loneliness to show how people contemplate their last moments of life.

In the third stanza, Emily Dickinson writes about the speaker willing away her keepsakes, which she describes as the portion of her that is assignable. It seems as if she finds more value in her keepsakes than she does in her own life. She may feel as if other people do not value her life as much as she would like. She wants to leave people something to remember her. Although Dickinson is writing as the speaker, this can describe the way she may feel about her own life. Since she rarely leaves her house, she may feel as if people will remember her more by material things than by her actual presence. Many people can relate to this. There are some people in the world who may feel this way about their own lives. There are individuals that try to show love with material things rather than spending time with their loved ones. Others may feel as if they need to leave something behind because
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In the first line, she mentions eyes being dry. If the eyes of people are dry, it can mean that they are not crying or mourning the speaker’s last moments. This can also mean people do not care about the speaker’s death. Emily Dickinson continues by saying that “breaths were gathering firm.” Thinking about the saying “Don’t hold your breath,” these words can imply that people are calmly waiting for the speaker’s death. At times when people know that they are dying, it is a comfort for them to believe that others are going to mourn their death. They want to feel like they will be missed and the absence of their presence will be

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