Emily Dickinson : An American Poet Essay

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Emily Dickinson, an American poet is known for displaying early poetry concepts of the 1800’s. She is acknowledged as a rather private poet, only publishing less than a dozen of her nearly eighteen hundred poems before her death in 1986 at the age of 56. She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts to a successful family of the decade. Dickinson’s work was usually altered remarkably to ‘fit in’ with the conventional poetic rules of the time period.

I chose Emily Dickinson as she is a complex poet and all her poems are all very personal and she writes very much from her personal experiences and the things she had personally overcome.

The poems Emily Dickinson wrote usually contained short lines, typically lacked a title, often used slant rhyme and was known for having unusual capitalization and punctuation. The themes she generally wrote about were death and immortality, two themes that were prominently used in “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain”.

POEM 1: I felt a funeral in my brain
“I felt a funeral, in my Brain” is one of Dickinson’s more known poems. It has a key feature on the life of Emily Dickinson.

The poem itself is composed of 5 stanzas all taking to a similar structure. Although all but stanza ‘1’ follow a similar rhyming pattern of a,b,c,b it was not her intention to make this poem rhyme. At the time this poem was written and published, poets were all using rhyme in their poems to which Dickinson did not approve of. She wanted to create her own lines, her own words…

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