Emile Durkheim Theory: The Study Of Development And Functions Of Society

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Sociology is the study of development and functioning of human society. Throughout my college years, I learned so much based on Emile Durkheim method on the development of sociology as a discipline. Within the development of discipline Durkheim touched based on different social factors such suicide, religion, crime, and morality just to name a few. Durkheim theories differed from other sociologists theories because he focused on things peripheral such as the needs of the individual itself. His main concept was the social facts, which is norms, values, morals, and structure within a society. Moreover, I will be focus on Durkheim theories of functionalism, social facts, and crime which leads to my question what is freedom?
Functionalism is simply the action of society being so use to functioning to a certain order or flow, and something happens to change that and society is “forced” to adjust to the change. For example, in the United States of America presidents can typically serve in office for 2 four year terms and the second term is usually only if they are reelected. This is something society goes through the time the change of presidents. And in order to live a stable state lifestyle they have to adjust to new laws, change of old laws. Those changes can be within the school
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Foucault implications of strict rules and punishment have become a big contribute to other institutions such as prisons, schools, and hospital system. Institutions power started at these places where they heavily practice controlling of the human body. For example, when attending an educational institution you are given rules to follow, put on a schedule, and are taught to do things a certain way. It is obvious that some form of security is necessary in a public place such as schools. Who would want to send their child to a school with no form of

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