Essay on Emerson 's Conception Of Romanticism

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Emerson’s conception of Romanticism
As the world preceded by the 19th century, prevailing issues in regions of the United States and Europe compelled individual to reflect on both presents in the past, so that could navigate a path that would lead to self-actualization. The plethora of religious, philosophical, and logical movements that took place throughout American history displays, that generations of Americans have always been in search for new general principles that could address the problems of society and teach them how to navigate their way through the obstacles in life order to achieve happiness and prosperity. Accordingly, the 19th century saw the rise of The American Period of Romanticism, a movement that principles expelled the ideas establish in the earlier times and emphasized the importance of utilizing art, feeling, and nature, as opposed to pure logic, in the navigation through life. One of the most profound intellects of this period was Ralph Waldo Emerson, a famous American Essayist who developed authentic ideologies that reflected nature as the primary remedy to the confusion of finding one’s place in the world. Emerson used the drama of introspection to replace the rigid ideas that exist within the Bible, to the connection of higher knowledge through our experiences with nature. Emerson’s distinct use of language invited the audience to explore their thoughts and emotions, and for that reason, Emerson is known for reflecting Romanticisms in his writing…

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