Emerging Adulthood : An Age Of Identity Exploration Essay

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Emerging Adulthood is an ambiguous period in a person’s life. It is a period that most people do not know who they are as a person or know what to expect next. Throughout the first week of class we learned where the term emerging adults came from and how it became such a phenomenon in the field of Psychology. Arnett (2014) defines emerging adulthood as an age of identity exploration, instability, self-focus, feeling of in-between, and possibilities; which he called the key features of emerging adulthood. After learning about the five key features in emerging adults, there were three that stood out to be me; the age of identity exploration, instability and self-focus.
Our identity is a state of mind in which someone recognizes their personal characteristics that leads them to finding out who they are as their own person. During emerging adulthood, we explore our identity in three key areas during identity exploration; love, work, and world views. We tend to look more for a romantic partner, have longer lasting relationships and are more likely to have sex in this period than in adolescence (Gillen, 2015). During my adolescences years, I never really dated until my first year of college, that’s when I actually started a serious relationship with my current boyfriend of two years. Emerging adults often change their majors and have exploratory internships. My freshman year I was interested in three different majors, then I chose on my second semester and changed it by my fourth…

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