Emergence Of The Occupy Movement Essay

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Emergence Wendy brown, Steve Harvey, John Hammond, Judith Butler, Donna Murch
Would all say the emergence of the “Occupy Movement” was inspired by the Arab spring, the “Obama Autumn” and Neoliberal deregulation that supports each man for himself, but makes it difficult for most Americans to achieve are continuing to participate in the American Dream. Each author would say bank bailouts and accumulation by redistribution which caused many people to lose their homes, (which were a major wealth building asset for many Occupy protestors), the recession, stagnant wages, rampant unemployment, lost pensions, along with the world events of Arab Spring and Obama Autumn caused the poor and middle class to develop a transformational common conscious, centered on social and economic inequality, around the world, which brought the poor and middle class together in a show of solidarity to let Neoliberal policy makers know they were not going to take it anymore. Thus the emergence of the Occupy Movement.
Occupy organized using an Anarchist Model: In the text reading “The Anarchism of Occupy Wall Street” Author John Hammond states “Occupiers tactics of anarchism focused attention of the movement and occupation of public spaces as a “movement”, (as opposed to aspiring to effect transformation). Hammond says “people endorsing anarchist principles through “direct action” consisted of five tenets. Horisontalsim, Reconfiguration, Autonomy, Mutual aid, and Defiance” and while…

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