Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's The Oppression Of Women Essay

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Where do women belong in society? Are they equal to men? Do they deserve the same education as a man? These are only a few of the woman’s issues female writers choose to address in the Romantic and Victorian Eras. Society in both the Romantic era and the Victorian era were change but the place of women in society remained the same. These women addressed issues that concerned women in different styles of writing. Mary Wollstonecraft, predominately though a book on equal education for women, “A Vindication of the Rights Of Women.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote of the oppression of women though poetry, as well as the oppression of many other group. Mary Wollstonecraft was the second of 6 children, raised by and abusive father. Often she spent her nights sleeping outside of her parent’s door in case he went on a drunken tyrant and began striking her mother yet again. Mary was placed in a position of having act as the maternal role for her siblings as well as her mother protecting all of them from her father. In 1778 she ventured out on her own taking a job as a companion to Sarah Dawson. The daunting job was not for her, it lasted less than two years. (MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT - BIOGRAPHY) Her stand on women’s right and the push for equality for women is possible the reaction to her upbringing. It is easy to conceive that her fight is stemmed from her fight to survive an overbearing and abusive father. Her most noted writing is A Vindication of the Rights of Women, stirring the…

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