Life In The Early Years Of Mary Shelley's Life

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From the early years of Mary Shelley 's life to the day she died she had experienced many rough and difficult circumstances. Some things she brought upon herself because the decisions she made but other people 's decisions affected her life has well. These many tough and emotional experiences impacted Mary Shelley 's writings.
Mary Shelley was born on August 30th, 1797 in London England. Mary Shelley’s Birth name was Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin as she was named after her mother Mary Wollstonecraft; which died eleven days after Mary was born because of birth complications. Mary grew up without knowing her mother instead her father Godwin was left to raise Shelley as well as her half-sister Fanny Imlay. Fanny was not Godwin’s child; Fanny was
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This is the first time Mary had met Percy Bysshe Shelley and his wife Harriet Westbrook. Two years later Mary visited England again when she was roughly seventeen around this time Percy Shelley was having troubles in his marriage which lead to the decision of running off together even though he was still married and his wife was pregnant giving birth to a baby boy in November. They ran off to travel but didn’t flee alone they took Mary’s stepsister Jane with them. Running off with Percy caused problems between her and her father for which they didn’t speak to each other for a long time. They traveled through Europe but came face to face with a couple struggles and hardships. For one they suffered financially then later on in 1815 they lost their little baby girl who only lived a couple days after delivery. Mary’s hard times didn’t seem to end their as later on that year, Fanny and Percy’s wife both committed suicide. Even though these events were troubling Percy and Mary were finally able to get married on December 1816. These two did not have the easiest marriage; it was mainly filled with heartache and adultery as well as the death of two more of their children. They had only one child to survive he was named Percy Florence. When things seemed to get better, another tragedy strikes when her husband Percy Shelley drowns in 1822 while he was out sailing with a friend in the …show more content…
In the History of a Six Weeks Tour it involves many vivid details and descriptions about her travels which gave the travel writing the strength it needed. Her last travel book was Rambles in Germany and Italy which came about when she traveled with her son and his college friends but was only wrote for the interest of gaining money so her heart was not put into this piece which made it unsuccessful. Mary had a couple novels that went unfinished because of some of the hardships in her life. She started on the novel Hate because she lost her early works in Paris when she eloped with Shelley but it never came to be published because the hardships of her pregnancy and illness. She started to produce Mathilda but was unable to finish due to the fact she had her son Percy Florence Shelley which took time away from her writing. She had some shorter works that weren’t finished because she pushed them aside to write her research novel Valperga. Mary had some writings that weren’t much liked for example The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck in which she tried to base of an historical figure but to others it was named a lifeless novel. Two of Shelley 's novels Lodore and Falkner were based on characters in one of her earlier works Mathilda. In Falkner it portrays many concerns Mary had but

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