Elie Wiesel 's Night, A Heart Wrenching Essay example

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Through Elie Wiesel’s literary memoir, Night, a heart-wrenching, tragic story is told from young Eliezer’s perspective. During World War ll, a charismatic leader, Hitler, came to power in Germany. Hitler’s ideas of a superior race, blond hair and blue eyes, influenced other Germanic citizens into believing in his singular agenda. Unfortunately, over eleven million innocent people who weren’t accepted into his plan suffered his wrath. One was Elie Wiesel. During his treacherous story, Elie suffered the tragedy of separation from loved ones, the complete displacement of his family, and the confusion of his absent God. The victims of the Holocaust endured maltreatment, wished for the sun not to rise in the morning, and prayed for their sanity. In Elie Wiesel’s novel Night, man’s inhumanity to others and the ease at which it happens, explodes from the pages. To remind each other of these atrocities so that history does not repeat itself, Elie Wiesel shared with us his experiences. His cries strike everyone with an unforgettable emotion that is still heard today.
Throughout the pages of literature, one is able to endure the sadness and pain of the Holocaust victims. One is able to experience the agony of those who were dehumanized by people of power. Hitler starved the victims, stripped them of their humanity, and worked them until they broke. Unfortunately, the predetermined fate of some victims in the Holocaust was not strong enough, and Elie describes the passing of a young…

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