Eletromax Project Management Essay

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Eletromax Project Management



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Eletromax Project Management
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Importance of scope Statement to the Success of a project Given that the project plan is referred to as the foundation of a successful methodology of project management. Then many argue that scope statement of any given project is the breath of any successful methodology of project management. Scope statement is of great importance as it contains details relating to the project vision. It plays an important role of describing the goals of the project, keep a record of what a complete project will be like and finally the deliverables of the project. It is very unfortunate that most of the project
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Scope statement in most cases is not fully followed by the management of a given project making it just a paper work with no tangible benefit in enhancing the success of the project in question. The scope statement is of great importance in project management as it defines the project boundaries. It used to come up with what will be included in the project. It goes a step further to outline all the project assumptions regarding the project stakeholders within an aim of coming up with project boundaries that are well documented and appreciated by all the stakeholders (Cleland & Roland 2006) In project management scope statement is of notable benefits as it outlines project deliverables. The deliverables such as project outputs that relates to service or product will clearly be stated. The acceptance criterion is also defined in the scope statement. The scope statement is also of crucial importance in project management as it defines project assumptions as well as project initial organization.
Scope Statement for Eletromax Project The objectives of this project are to increase the sales revenue that the company will realize from the growing demand of the company electronic products. The project is concerned with coming up with marketing strategies as well as production strategies that will enable the company meet its intended

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