Elements Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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Register to read the introduction… Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby establishes the idea of the American dream, and the immoral ways to achieve it. One literary element that he uses is characterization. The character, Gatsby, is described through multiple perspectives – but mostly gossiping. All the rumors surround around the idea of his immense wealth, power and mysteriousness. However as the book progresses, the main character Nick, finds that Gatsby is a self-made man who has made a fortune in bootlegging, making money in order to accomplish his dream. This relates to Noyes’s quote, because Gatsby even in all his wealth and the lifestyle he began accustom to because of millionaire Dan Cody, he still wants more. This dream he has is exemplified by the theme of the American Dream. The American dream is a dream for success in wealth and anything else. Gatsby’s dream was to revive a long lost love with Daisy. He attempted to attain her, as a trophy even, through impressing with her with his immense wealth. This was his dream, to win Daisy over and he would go through illegal practices of bootlegging, buying a big mansion, wearing fancy clothing and throwing house parties just to catch Daisy’s attention. Gatsby’s dream is a direct example of Noyes’s idea of human desire for improvement because he longed for Daisy’s love even in the midst of his success and wealth. This is how the idea is conveyed in The Great Gatsby. The quote, “The human heart has ever dreamed of a fairer world that one it knows” said by Carleton

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