Electronic Medical Records ( Emr ) Essay

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Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are a collection of patient information that is stored and accessible digitally. EMRs make medical records more readily accessible to healthcare professionals by making records available from virtually any computer. EMRs were introduced in 1972 to improve accuracy and efficiency of creating, editing, adding to, and reviewing medical records (Electronic Health Records, 2012).

Quality of Care

It is arguable that EMRs have greatly enhanced the quality of medical care. New England Journal of Medicine, found evidence that practices with EHR provided better quality care (Benefits of EHRs, 2014). EMRs improve care coordination by more effectively and efficiently the sharing patient information amongst health care professionals. Health care professionals can immediately access all patient information at once using EMRs. If a patient were to visit multiple doctors then all information would be transferred, if documented electronically, via EMRs reducing missing patient information and patient history. Immediate access to all information also would allow a health to more efficiently obtain accurate patient information, which would be especially pertinent in an emergency situation. Information is also more immediately updated. For example, when a nursing assistant obtains and records a patient’s blood pressure, which could influence or change a plan of care, it can immediately be seen by the nurse. In a busy…

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