Eleanor Roosevelt And The United States Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt was born in October of 1884 in New York City. She was raised in a strict home and attended Allenswood finishing school in London at age 15 for three years. She then returned to the States and began her humanitarian work. In 1905, Eleanor married Franklin D. Roosevelt and quickly became a mother of six and the wife of a politician. She was appointed as her husband’s political stand-in when he fell ill with polio in 1921. Eleanor had numerous political ties in addition to being an active member of the Women’s Division of the Democratic Party, the League of Women Voters, and the Women’s Trade Union League. When Franklin Roosevelt became president, it only enlarged her role and soon she was traveling across the United States acting as a liaison between US citizens and her husband. In 1945, the United Nations was formed, one of the four main purposes involved encouraging respect for each other’s rights and freedoms. After her husband’s death, Eleanor Roosevelt was appointed to by President Truman to be a United Nations delegate and then became chairperson of the commission on human rights. Eleanor was noted for using a common sense platform which represented the needs and wants of a common woman or man. This platform could reach people who felt they had no voice in political issues. The Struggle for Human Rights was delivered by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1948 addressing the leaders and citizens of the U.S.S.R., Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, and a few other…

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