Egyptian Diplomats And The Arab And International World Essay

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When Egypt suffered devastating defeat in Sinai, losing most of its air force within a few hours to Israeli air raids, the disaster came as a terrible shock to Nasser. He described the aftermath as ‘one continuous nightmare’ and that Egyptian diplomats were ‘…in a state of confusion, uncertainty and doubt.’ While Nasser himself knew that the inflated propaganda that had been released on Arab media channels were exaggerations aimed at threatening Israel, he had not expected Egyptian forces to lose so quickly, and so entirely. Egyptian diplomats hence had to provide both the Arab and international world with an explanation for the devastating losses incurred – for how Goliath was slain and replaced – given the overbidding and overconfidence they displayed prior to the outbreak of war. American complicity in the victory was found to be a perfect explanation. Even if Nasser was not entirely convinced that American and British planes were fighting for Israel, his deep belief in the West’s ‘imperialist collusion’ with the Israelis was more than sufficient for him to publically announce that the Six-Day War was a plan meticulously carried out by the United States and Israel. Instead of admitting that Israel had been stronger than the Arab States from the onset, and that inter-Arab rivalries and incompetency had contributed to both the cause of war itself and Israel’s resounding victory in it, Israel was portrayed as a weak but aggressive nation that was propelled to mighty victory…

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