Egypt 's Influence On Ancient Egypt Essay

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Egypt had a completely different culture than what Mesopotamia had. When Abraham went to visit Egypt in Genesis 12, he came from a sophisticated environment of Ur to Egypt’s royal housing. I knew a little bit of what Egypt was like by reading the stories of when the Israelites were captured and were slaves. Egypt was a place where it never rained and their soil had to be irrigated. It wasn’t surrounded by mountains or hills, but by a great river called the Nile. Egypt had a central government that showed some moderate control over the whole Nile Valley. Work and lifestyle were different when living in Egypt. They had a different style of governing the land and they didn’t have kings, but Pharaohs. Their empire was formed by many military campaigns during the 18th Dynasty. When I read the information about how Egyptians lived, it was crazy to compare them to our culture now, but also the culture of Mesopotamia. In Egypt, the land was very important to their culture. The Nile river was a huge part of what nourished their land and gave them transportation. Egypt was isolated, but the people loved it because it was peaceful to them. Because their home was secure and they had provisions that the sun and the Nile gave, the Egyptians a sense of confidence. Their religion came out of the land and religion was another factor to the culture. The Egyptians personalized the forces of nature and they would think of themselves as living in relation to them. The main gods of the…

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