The Consequences Of The Glorious Revolution

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The Glorious revolution not only impacted England and Europe, however it also made a lasting impression on the original colonies. This revolution that had begun in England indirectly had caused much of the Imperial Crises outbreaks in America. Because of the glorious revolution, numerous acts and disputes had taken place between 1763 and 1775. In short, the colonists were tired of “taxation without representation.” Eventually, the forced British control on the colonists had involuntary pushed the colonists to revolt and officially declare war. This war, known as the American Revolution, had been arguably caused by several occurrences since the glorious revolution.
As a whole, one of the most controversial topics that led to the American Revolution
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In 1766 the Parliament of Great Britain had passed the Declaratory Act. This act was to repeal the previously mentioned Stamp Act, and lessen the implications of the Sugar Act. Parliament had passed the Declaratory Act because there were numerous boycotts and the colonists were tired of the British taxing them without representation. This act was one of the retreats by the British as a result of the American rebellion. As the Stamp Act was repealed, the Americans had begun celebrating their political victory; however this act appeared to be the beginning of more British …show more content…
The reason behind this was essentially to have the tea that was destroyed pair for in full. Food and firewood were the only goods that were permitted to travel into the port of Boston. The second act put an end to the Massachusetts constitution. Town officials and council would be elected by the royal governor and the king respectively. The third act gave the power for all trials in the colony to be sent to Great Britain and heard by a British judge. Finally, the fourth intolerable act and the most comical was the fact that the colonists had to feed and shelter the soldiers that were there to punish them. All these intolerable acts were direct attacks to the colonists from Great Britain as revenge for the Boston Tea

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