Why Is Tax Fatty Food Affect The Poor?

Imagine buying a bag of chips for $1.50 and then going back the next day and they are $1.70. Taxing fatty foods has been a huge topic lately with in lots of people. While some people believe it is an unfair decision to the poor, taxing fatty foods can be great because it would decrease the amount of deaths due to obesity, and also decrease the amount of people with diabetes and high blood pressure.
Even though taxing fatty foods could make the people healthier it could also affect the poor in many ways. If the price of unhealthy and fatty foods go up by 20% then the poor are no longer going to be able to provide for themselves because the product that they were buying is now going to be too expensive for them(Blanding). Yes, the poor are not
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Taxing sugary and fatty foods will only persuade obese people to try harder to get the unhealthy things that they want(Archer). However, it may encourage obese people to stop eating unhealthy things. Being that healthy products and unhealthy products are the same price people decide to choose to tastier and unhealthy product just because of the taste. For example, a bag of apples could be $2.50 and so are a bag of candy, so of course the bag of candy is chosen over the apples. Another article mentioned that obesity has taken over smoking as the leading cause of premature deaths and illness in Australia(Bond). In the case of the premature babies dying because of their parents being obese, tax on fatty foods should be looked at deeply. For instance, the government will continue to make obesity a serious cause because of the deaths of the premature kids due to the parents lack of care for their health. Supporters say doctors are trying to figure out if its the carbs or the actual food fattening that is causing the amount of obesity(Trend to fat taxes, but unlikely in NZ). Foods that have such things like “Low Carbs” are healthier for the human body because they simply don’t have lots of carbs as other foods. Although the carbs or the fattening of foods could be the cause of obesity, the people who are careless and just don 't care if they eat something healthy or unhealthy are the reason for …show more content…
“I don 't think using the New Zealand tax system to subsidise brussels sprouts by 20 per cent will make people eat more of them, or any vegetable for that matter” (Johnston). Just because the price of sugary foods are going to increase doesn 't mean that anyone is going to stop eating them. Some people that really enjoy eating snacks or junk foods are going to continue to purchase them no matter what the circumstances are. This action is going to push and persuade obese people to try harder to receive the things that they want. Putting 20 percent more tax on fatty and sugary foods will not help the deaths of obese people it will only cause them to spend more money on the things that they want(Archer). Making the healthier foods cheap will not encourage obese people to want or even think about purchasing them. In other words, it 's also unfair to the people that are not obese. No matter if the tax on sugary foods go up and vegtables go down obesity will increase because people will begin to eat LARGE amounts of vegetables and that itself is not health(Archer). Taxing unhealthy foods may seem like a good idea until people start eating LARGE amounts of the “healthy” foods and begin to not be as healthy as expected. Taxing isn 't such of a good idea. Some people will be hurt by it and some people may benefit off of

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