Effects Of Symbolic Elections

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Elections are practical and symbolic. Practical elections are who is going to become a political elite. They have a major part of creating governments. Symbolic elections because legitimizing a country’s political system. Electoral systems part of symbolic elections are for voters to get “the most out of their vote”. There is a list of all register voters in countries but some voters are excluded due to them not meeting the requirements in the country, but other countries keep a better record than other countries. Gallagher and Laver (2011) give details around 1970s, turnout been decreasing at elections all across Europe. Their argument helps the research question for the reason that some countries in the dataset are base in Europe. No two …show more content…
The population size can be looked at Downs’ (1957) concept of the voting model as pervious talked about in the chapter. The influence will be the probability of how close the race will be and population size (Owen and Grofman, 1984). Owen and Grofman ideal will be if the population is large than people’s vote will not make a difference in the outcome; this will deter the voter from voting in the election. Population concentration can help or deter voters. An element for population concentration is politics in general. Elections specifically, may be considered more personal in low-density areas (Blank, 1974 ). The thought will be a district with lower population will have a relation or knowledge of the candidate running, while in a high populated area will no relation or knowledge of the candidate, therefore elections may not have a high turnout in populated area. Population stability is important to determinant voter turnout. Population homogeneity and voter turnout appears to be weak. Voters, who voted in previous elections may repeat especially if the people, they voted for won. There could be problems with Blank’s concept because there are other factors pervious to turnout beside if they voted. Blais (2000) describes effect of compulsory voting on turnout is one of the most robust findings. There could be flaws in compulsory voting because people think about high turnout nothing will happen but compulsory voting turnout can decrease like any other country who does not have compulsory voting but just turnout decline will not be at an alarming rate. Compulsory voting also have problems in turnout still because most countries does not have strict enforcement. Even though, voter turnout higher in compulsory voting in one electoral but may not be the same in other electoral system that have compulsory voting. Concurrent elections is defined by

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